The Persium Mission

To make a difference to the quality of air the world breathes.

About Us

Persium is a British air quality monitoring solutions company based in London, UK. 

We provide a complete end-to-end solution to tackle air pollution globally, uniting advanced hardware & software technology with expert consultancy.

We are specialists in pollution modelling, management and analysis, in which our comprehensive platform ensures effective and informed policy-making with clear ROIs.

Overcoming AQM challenges with Persium

Traditional air quality monitoring infrastructure has several challenges that hinder their effectiveness in addressing modern air quality issues:


High cost of purchase and require significant investment to maintain. 




Requires extensive training of personnel to use and run. 




Their size & bulkiness means that they sparsely spread and away from roadside pollution hotspots.



The Persium AQ Monitoring System

Our solution is a complete, interconnected hardware and software solution for obtaining and analysisng air quality data.
To revolutionise AQ monitoring by providing next generation hyper-local infrastructure.
The Persium air quality monitoring system is a complete hardware and software solution to obtaining and analysing information about the nature of air pollution in a particular locality. Empowered with this information, governments and local authorities can use all of Persium’s capabilities to make more effective and informed policy choices when deploying pollution mitigation strategies
Air Pollution
Raw AQ Data
Persium Pods
5G,4G / LTE

LoRa, GSM, Wifi

Persium Data Lake
Use of AI & machine learning for data analysis and forecasts
Air Pollution

Dissemination of AQ information

Provide governments with the tools for mitigation strategies

Empower individuals, businesses & local communities

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21st Century Air Quality Monitoring Guidebook for Governments, Businesses and Local Communities