Wet Bulb Globe
Temperature Index

For Workplace Safety

  • The Persium Pod measures the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Index, crucial for assessing heat stress in outdoor environments.


  • This measurement helps ensure the safety of workers in industries like construction, mining, and agriculture by providing critical data to prevent heat-related illnesses.

For Agricultural Operations

  • Showing how farmers use WBGT readings to plan safer work hours for field workers, minimising heat stress and maximising labor efficiency.

For Event Management

  • Real-time WBGT readings are vital for managing the safety of participants in outdoor events and sports, allowing for timely interventions and schedule adjustments based on heat conditions.

For Industrial Facilities

  • Documenting how a large industrial plant integrated WBGT monitoring to optimise work rotations and cooling measures, substantially reducing heat-related health claims and enhancing worker morale.

Discover how Persium can enhance your heat stress management with precise Wet Bulb Globe Temperature monitoring.