The next generation of indoor and on-the-go air quality.

Mini Persium Pods

✓ The ‘Mini’ offers a cost-effective solution for home and office air quality monitoring.

✓ Enables real-time data analysis via a mobile/desktop dashboard.

✓ Detects a range of pollutants and environmental factors including PM levels, CO2, VOCs, and more.

✓ Features mains power, an LCD touch screen for ease of use.

Persium Maxi

✓ The ‘Maxi’ is our flagship indoor sensor for academic research.

✓ Supports real-time data access, analysis, and download via a user-friendly dashboard.

✓ Features a wide range of accurately calibrated sensors for detailed pollutant and environmental measurements.

✓ Customisable to fit specific research needs, providing a unique advantage.

Persium Pocket

✓ The ‘Pocket’: Our smallest, portable sensor for real-time air quality on the move.

✓ Perfect for attaching to school bags or in handbags for continuous monitoring.

✓ Matches the ‘Mini’s’ detection capabilities for various pollutants and conditions.

✓ User-friendly and plug-and-play for effortless air quality tracking.

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