School and Universities

For Parents, Students & Staff

  • Air quality data from MapView® will help parents, students & staff to plan the cleanest route or best time to arrive/leave school to reduce exposure.


  • Those with respiratory conditions can enable MapView® notifications to get real-time alerts when air pollution levels suddenly spike.


  • Increased engagement campaigns and overall awareness educates and inspires the youth to help tackle environmental crisis.


  • Parents’ guilds & student unions have increased engagement and understanding of their educational environment leading to a healthier learning community for everyone involved.


  • Creation of clean air zone around premises by implementing anti-idling approaches and relocating drop-off/pick-up points away from school/campus entrances.

For Schools and Universities

  • Pollution spikes can be observed and analysed. This can lead to effective & informed mitigation strategies to help protect all involved. 


  • Overall image of school & university becomes that of an active advocate for clean air and productive learning while also protecting the health of students & staff.


  • Potential for rescheduling morning outdoor classes to the afternoon to reduce daily exposure. Add air pollution issues into the education curriculum.


  • In addition to MapView®, possibility to install green screens inside classrooms to show pollution levels from Persium Pods in real-time. 


  • Plan new buildings to be strategically located away from main roads where possible. This should be with safe walking passages between the school/university premises and main connecting roads.

Get more ideas on how Persium can manage air pollution in schools and universities.