Mining & Quarrying

For Workers and the Community

  • Real-time monitoring, instant notifications & AQ forecasts provide better protection and guarantee safety to workers during pollution spikes.


  •  Long-term ambient air quality monitoring can assess the effectiveness of air quality management plans.


  • Air quality monitoring acts as a feedback mechanism when it comes to dust management control & environmental degradation.


  • Utilising the latest technologies to monitor the environment within and around the mining site, workers and residents nearby will be able to breathe cleaner air. 

For Mine Operators

  • Air quality data is invaluable for pre-mine planning and feasibility studies. 


  • Persium Pods bring insights into air pollution levels & their source to determine if an area meets air quality standards.


  • Persium pods provide data on prevailing wind/pollutant plume movement under and above ground. This will help understand pollutant dispersion across the premises.


  • Air quality data helps carry out site activities that mitigate risk without incurring unnecessary operating costs.

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