Persium Pods

The next generation air quality sensor.

✓ Detects up to 12 major pollutants.
✓ Unique PM sensor can distinguish between water vapour and dust/pollen. 
✓ In-built wind sensor allows for computational fluid dynamic modelling.
✓ Securely uploads data to Persium cloud via 3G/4G LTE, GSM protocol, WiFi or LoRa.

Solar Powered

Solar powered allows for unmatched versatility and portability of installation. 

Wind Sensor

Our unique design allows the Pod to provide reliable and precise wind speed readings for computational fluid dynamic modelling. 

Gas Sensor

A versatile suite of up to 12 factory-calibrated sensors that can be tailor designed for any need or requirement.

Particulate Matter Sensor

Our unique PM sensor can accurately measure down to PM0.3. 

It also has shape detection capabilities, in which it can distinguish between water vapour and dust/pollen – an industry first. 

Technical Specs

ABS Plastic with stainless steel 316 reinforcement bars. Aluminum fixing pole.
320mm h x 160mm w
1.8kg subject to options
LTE 4G, CAT M1, NB-IoT, GSM, LoRA, Wifi
persium pod air sensor dimensions


21st Century Air Quality Monitoring Guidebook for Governments, Businesses and Local Communities