Smart Cities & Local Governments

City Planning

  • IoT Persium Pods can communicate with other IoT systems throughout the city to make real-time decisions.


  • Provides data for air pollution boundaries, source apportionment and direction. Helps with making the best decisions according to your city’s needs.


  • Enables the decision of where to add spaces for safe walking, cycling, and green spaces to counter air pollution.

Public Health

  • Provides information on the most vulnerable boroughs and areas within a city.


  • Can reduce hospitalisations and annual welfare costs for the population. 


  • Allows effective mitigation and assessment of implemented plans with ROI figures. 


  • Helps with proper benchmarking in comparison to national and international air quality standards.

Social Impact

  • Empowers individuals and communities with open-air quality data regarding the quality of the air they breathe.


  • Increases transparency and democratisation of air quality data. Helps with advocating air quality compliance.


  • Supports the adoption of clean technologies that will reduce industrial emissions.


  • Can identify pollution hotspots at source in real-time.


  • Highlights the importance of shifting to cleaner transport fuels and restricting vehicle emissions. 

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