Early Warning System

Wildfire Early Warning System

  • Community Safety: Persium Pods equipped with Particulate Matter sensors can detect the early signs of wildfire smoke, providing critical early warnings to communities and enabling quicker evacuations and response strategies.


  • Environmental Monitoring: The sensors help track air quality degradation due to wildfires, assisting environmental agencies in assessing the impact on ecosystems and planning rehabilitation efforts.


  • Public Health Alerts: By monitoring air pollution levels during wildfires, Persium Pods can trigger health alerts to populations at risk, advising on protective measures against smoke inhalation.


  • Resource Management: Data from the sensors aid firefighting agencies in resource allocation by pinpointing areas with deteriorating air quality, suggesting potential fire spread.

Use Cases for Policymakers

  • Legislative Support: Provides data to back legislative measures aimed at wildfire prevention and land management.


  • Emergency Planning: Enables precise planning and execution of evacuation strategies to minimise harm.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Assists in evaluating the ecological effects of wildfires for future policy adjustments.


  • Budget Justifications: Offers tangible data to justify budget allocations for fire prevention and response initiatives.

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