Air Quality Monitoring in the Mining and Quarrying Industry
The Power of Prevention

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Air quality management is essential but challenging in mining and quarrying due to the various sources of emissions and their unpredictable nature. Underground and open pit mines have different sources of dust emissions that impact the environment and workers’ health.

Planning and operation of a mine should include dust control and monitoring since it is costly and impractical to address dust issues retrospectively. Inadequate planning and placement of mineral processing facilities, waste, and rock dumps could cause dust impacts that are impossible to rectify, leading to environmental damage and adverse health effects on nearby communities.

Health and Safety of Mining Workers and the Community

  • Real-time monitoring, instant notifications & AQ forecasts provide better protection and guarantee safety to workers during pollution spikes.
  • Long-term ambient air quality monitoring can assess the effectiveness of air quality management plans.
  • Air quality monitoring acts as a feedback mechanism when it comes to dust management control & environmental degradation.

Beyond compliance for mine operators

  • Air quality data is invaluable for pre-mine planning and feasibility studies. 
  • Persium Pods bring insights into air pollution levels & their source to determine if an area meets air quality standards.
  • Persium pods provide data on prevailing wind/pollutant plume movement under and above ground. This will help understand pollutant dispersion across the premises.
  • Air quality data helps carry out site activities that mitigate risk without incurring unnecessary operating costs.

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