Santander X: Persium recognised as top 6 start-up in the UK

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Persium reached the finals of the Santander X UK Awards 2023, showcasing our innovative Digital Twinning technology for tackling air pollution globally.

The national competition, now in its 13th year, is one of the UK’s largest student and graduate business pitching competitions which supports aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the UK. It has significantly contributed to the UK’s startup ecosystem by providing over £900,000 in equity-free funding since its inception, helping to accelerate and grow a wide range of innovative businesses over the years.

Recognised as one of the top start-ups in the UK

This year’s Santander X UK Awards feature two categories: University and Startup. With over 1500+ applications, we at Persium secured our place in the final 6 in the Startup category, having gone through two rounds of online applications, and two rounds of in-person pitch battles in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, which was conducted at the Oval cricket ground.

The final took place on 7th December at Unity Place, Santander’s new headquarters in Milton Keynes.

The achievement of reaching the finals highlights Persium’s significant contributions towards tackling air pollution worldwide through our unique digital twinning technology for smart cities to monitor, manage and improve air quality. The recognition also more widely indicates the growing awareness of air quality issues and the push for new exciting and cutting-edge technologies to tackle air pollution.

Persium earned its place in the final through its unwavering commitment towards tackling one of the planet’s most pressing challenges. Co-Founder Alex Yousefian further elaborated; ‘Our mission is clear: to make cities smarter, cleaner, and healthier. For Persium to be recognised as a leading start-up for tackling air pollution allows us to get even closer to achieving that mission. We are incredibly excited for what the future holds’.

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